Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | July 3, 2013

Strawberry & Blueberry Tortilla Pizza; refreshingly sweet & healthy!

Our favorite festive and healthy recipe, for your 4th of July celebration!

Duke Raleigh Hospital

Don’t underestimate the deliciousness of this recipe just because it has ‘pizza’ in the name!

Fresh strawberries and blueberries come together with low-fat cream cheese for the perfect combination of sweetness and healthfulness! Topped with cinnamon and toasted coconut, mmmmmmm!

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size¼ of recipe
Calories from Fat50
Total Fat6 g
Saturated Fat3 g
Cholesterol10 mg
Sodium140 mg
Total Carbohydrate24 g
Dietary Fiber5 g
Sugars12 g
Proteins6 g
Vitamin A6% DV
Vitamin C35% DV
Calcium10% DV
Iron4% Dv

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Servings and Times

Preparation Time30 minutes

Cups of Fruits and Vegetables Per Person:  1.0

Ingredients and Preparation    



Ricotta or whipped low-fat cream cheese½ cup
Confectioners sugar1 tablespoon
Fresh blueberries1 pint
Sliced strawberries½ cup
Large (10-inch) flour tortilla1

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