Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | July 17, 2013

Electronic Health Records; what they mean for us and you

Rick Gannotta, president of Duke Raleigh HospitalBy Rick Gannotta, NP, DHA, FACHE, Duke Raleigh Hospital President

Like many other hospitals across the state and nation, Duke Raleigh Hospital is reshaping our organization to successfully meet the challenges of our changing healthcare landscape.  We are looking for new ways to align our care delivery so that we can continue providing the highly specialized services our patients require.

One exciting change at Duke Raleigh, and across Duke Medicine, includes our transition to a new, state-of-the-art medical records technology called Maestro Care. Once complete, it will create a single electronic record for each patient and can be accessed at any Duke location, as well as by affiliated and referring physicians. The technology creates a seamless, real-time and secure communication among all members of the Duke care team.

Duke Maestro Care will:

  • Create a single, comprehensive electronic medical record detailing a patient’s personal health and health care history
  • Allow for better coordination and faster communication between all members of the Duke care team, at any Duke location, as well as by affiliated and referring physicians
  • Give patients secure access to their own health information from their personal computer – anytime, anywhere
  • Coordinate a seamless transition between Duke Medicine clinics and hospitals

This transition allows us to prepare to meet and exceed the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and also allows us to better manage the health of our patients and community.  Through shared data, our investment will help cut medical care costs and lessen redundancy in tests, scans or screenings due to patients seeing multiple providers and locations.  It will additionally boost safety and quality by maintaining consistency for safe practices across our health system and replaces more than 135 clinical technology applications in use at Duke Medicine.

We look forward to keeping you updated as we move forward with this exciting transition at Duke Raleigh Hospital.


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