Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | May 3, 2017

Pre-Op Class Helps Patient Navigate First-Time Surgery, Hip Replacement

For years, Susie lived with hip pain. “It changed my whole persona,” she says, and she was beginning to suffer from depression as a result. Susie was referred her to Donald O’Malley, MD, Joint Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon at Duke Raleigh Hospital, who recommended a hip replacement.

Duke Raleigh Hospital offers orthopaedic surgery patients the option to complete a pre-operative class with patient navigator Ashley Barry, MSN, RN. The class helps patients prepare for surgery, and know what to expect afterwards, including setting pain management expectations, explaining how they’ll work with Case Management, and helping them locate equipment for physical therapy.

“The class gives patients a chance to ask questions and feel comfortable with their plan of care,” Barry says. “Helping them understand what to expect allows them focus on doing their best in the recovery phase.”

“I’d never had surgery before, so the class was extremely beneficial,” Susie says. “All of my questions were answered, and it made me look forward even more to the surgery. I was very comfortable, very relaxed, and very ready!”

After Susie had her surgery in February, she quickly progressed in physical therapy and no longer has hip pain. “I knew it would be better but I never thought it would be this great,” Susie Anthony-Diaz says enthusiastically. “I’d forgotten how it felt to be living without pain. The surgery truly changed my life for the better.”

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