Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | December 3, 2018

Surgeon Offers Patient Hope with First-of-its-Kind Surgery

David Logan is a fit guy. He’s a personal trainer, coaches wrestling and was even training to be a Navy SEAL before hip dysplasia derailed that dream.

It wasn’t until he met Brian Lewis, MD, a hip specialist at Duke Raleigh Hospital, that he regained hope. Before Logan came to Duke, other doctors told him a unique surgery to repair hip cartilage and bone wasn’t possible. A replacement was a likely option.

Lewis wanted to help.

“It was like talking to one of my friends,” Logan said. “Somebody who would actually listen to you and not tell you what was going to happen, but hear what was going on and then try to arrive at a solution together.”

Along with Duke colleagues, Lewis researched ways for a multi-step process for surgery. He performed procedures to fix cartilage and make specialized cuts in the hip bone to reposition the socket. It was the first time a surgery known as a MACI procedure had been used for hip surgery in the U.S. It meant Logan would be active again.

“In any patient, if there are ways to think a little bit outside the box to factor in what their goals are and come up with solutions, then that’s really what I’m trying to do,” Lewis said.

That mindset is at the core of everything Lewis does. He tries to set every conversation with a patient around their quality of life and how he can best bring it to reality.

“That’s what’s going to drive our decisions,” he said. “When somebody comes to you, you talk through things and always work to find their best outcome.”

–By Bryan Roth

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