Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 24, 2019

Security Guard Goes the Extra Mile to Help Patient, Caregiver

Carlton Gaylor, a Duke Raleigh Hospital security officer, was awarded a certificate of appreciation for exemplary performance from U.S. Security Associates this month. The honor recognizes his efforts to go above and beyond to help the caregiver of a patient admitted to Duke Raleigh.

“Carlton helped this caregiver fix their car not once but twice while at Duke Raleigh,” said Jacob Smith, Security Operations Manager at Duke Raleigh Hospital and Gaylor’s supervisor. “He even went so far as to take their car to a local shop to get a new battery.”

During a small ceremony at the hospital, administration recognized Gaylor with the plaque—noting that in this instance he was more than a security officer, he was a great human being.

“I’m extremely proud of Carlton,” said Doug Monroe, System Security Director for Duke University Health System, U.S. Security Associates, Inc. “He really lived Duke University Health System’s values of caring and excellence in providing this exceptional service!”

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