Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | July 23, 2019

For 30 Years, this Scientist has been a go-to Source for Others

Like so many at Duke, Glenna Wilder, ASCP, sees an invaluable connection to the family she’s created at work much like the one at home.

Celebrating her 30th work anniversary this month, she said great coworkers and supervisors have supported her since she started at Raleigh Community Hospital (now Duke Raleigh Hospital) in 1989. Flexible schedules and teamwork allow her to maximize time with her family and feel more connected to those around her.

“People make the difference in the lab,” said Wilder, a senior medical lab scientist at Duke Women’s Cancer Care Raleigh. “We always encourage each other to do our best to support coworkers and our patients.”

Attention to detail and excellence in care have long caught the eye of her colleagues. Known as a master multitasker who shows compassion to everyone she meets, coworkers know they can turn to Wilder for help with testing, evaluations or how to best manage staffing needs.

“She has always put patients first and approaches each task as if it was for a family member,” said Janet Arnold, ASCP, a senior medical lab scientist at Duke Raleigh Hospital who’s known Wilder for almost 30 years. 

“She never says ‘no’ to anyone and works hard to encourage all team members to always demonstrate DUHS values,” added Cynthia Hovsepian, ASCP, AMT, laboratory support supervisor at Duke Raleigh Hospital who’s also been friends with Wilder for just as long.

It’s why Wilder has long felt she’ll spend her entire career at Duke, the only place she’s worked.

“I’m the type of person that likes consistency, and knowing the impact I can make for others is a good feeling,” Wilder said. “Our technology has come a long way since 1989, but the people around me have always been same: special.”

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