Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | August 14, 2019

With Inspiration from Colleagues, she’s Taking an Educational Leap

Kameo Wilner had worked for other health care organizations for years, and it wasn’t until she joined Duke Primary Care (DPC) Waverly Place in February 2018 she felt inspired to learn more. 

Surrounded by staff and providers dedicated to caring for patients and each other, she was motivated to work toward a college degree so she could thrive personally and professionally. She was moved that colleagues weren’t shy about helping her grow.

“My managers were always asking me, ‘what do you want for yourself in the future?'” said Wilner, now a financial care counselor at Duke Raleigh Hospital (DRAH) for the Patient Revenue Management Organization (PRMO). “It was comforting to know they really cared about me and my future.”

Her former colleague, Brittany Miller, now a service access manager with DPC, and Janice Willams, Wilner’s coworker and financial care counselor at DRAH, encouraged her every step of the way.

After joining PRMO this January, Wilner decided to work toward a degree in medical coding. She recently enrolled in a certificate course with the US Career Institute, and in February 2020 she will be eligible to receive tuition help through Duke’s Employee Tuition Assistance program. The motivation from team members and financial support from Duke were game changers in helping her take the leap to enhance her education.

“They helped me see in myself a very smart, young woman who can use her talents for a lot of good,” Williams said. “I didn’t ever want her to think she couldn’t do it.”

It was that kind of encouragement that created Wilner’s enthusiasm to learn even more. 

“Going back to school can be scary at first,” she said, “but now my goals are a lot more achievable thanks to all the support and encouragement.”

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