Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | November 1, 2019

Lisa Marker Honored for Improving Patient Experience

Lisa Marker, assistant director of nutritional services for Duke Raleigh Hospital, was recognized with the Above and Beyond award at the 2019 CBORD User Group Conference for her efforts to improve patient experience at Duke Raleigh Hospital.

“Anything we think can be helpful to us, she’s always willing to entertain the possibility and explore and see if it makes sense,” said Brian Sloan, chief operating officer for Duke Raleigh Hospital. “More important than that, she’s extremely creative. The things that she does to try and improve the patient experience, the things that she has done to improve our service offerings in nutrition, the way she has worked with staff in our inpatient units to try and create more cohesion between the clinical enterprise and nutrition enterprise—all of those things have been fantastic.”

Watch the award video that details how Marker used technology to help food service ambassadors play a larger role in the clinical care of Duke Raleigh Hospital patients and improve both patient satisfaction and courtesy scores.

–By Erin McKenzie

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