Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | December 19, 2019

Hospital Providers Named 2019 Best Doctors

Several Duke Raleigh Hospital providers were named among the best doctors in North Carolina by Boston-based Best Doctors, Inc. See who made the list of the 2019 Best Doctors, named best in their fields, from Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Mark Earl Leithe, MD
Duke Cardiology of Raleigh,
Cardiovascular Disease
Paula S. Lee, MD, MPH
Duke Women’s Cancer Care Raleigh
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Jorge V. Obando, MD
Duke Gastroenterology of Raleigh
David C. White, MD
Duke Cancer Center Raleigh
Thoracic Surgery
W. Scott Griffies, MD, DFAPA
Duke Raleigh Hospital Psychiatry
Aaron C. Lentz, MD
Duke Raleigh Hospital
Christopher R. Watters, MD
Duke General Surgery of Raleigh
Samuel H. Eaton, MD
Duke Raleigh Hospital

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