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Flu Restrictions in Place

If you are planning to visit a Duke hospital or clinic, please be aware that flu restrictions are in place beginning on Friday, December 20, 2019. These visitor restrictions are activated in response to an increase in flu-like activity across North Carolina and elsewhere and are part of our efforts to minimize the spread of the flu virus.

These Visitor Restrictions Are Now in Place

Only Two Visitors Per Patient at all Times
Limiting the number of visitors per patient will help control the spread of the illness.

Children Under 12 Not Allowed on Hospital Visits
Since children are more likely to get sick and spread the flu, our staff will only allow children under 12 to visit patients in special cases — or with prior approval from the patient’s healthcare team.

Visitor Restrictions at all Times

Please Refrain from Visiting When Sick
Visitors are always welcome and play an important role in your loved one’s recovery, but their health and well-being come first. If you have a cold, sore throat, or any contagious disease, please refrain from visiting. Likewise, please refrain from visiting our hospitals and clinics if you have flu-like symptoms except to seek care. Signs of the flu include fever, cough, sneezing, runny nose or a sore throat.

Get the Flu Vaccine
While it won’t completely prevent the flu, the annual vaccine has been shown to lessen its severity. It can also reduce the likelihood of colds and other illnesses, and protect the very young and the very old from the very serious complications that can result. Getting the flu vaccine early will give your body adequate time to build up resistance.

Clean Your Hands Frequently
Look for hygiene stations and use them often. Please make sure to clean your hands when entering and leaving our facilities. Washing your hands with soap and water often prevents the spread of germs, and can help prevent the flu. If soap and water aren’t accessible, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is effective too.

We’re Doing Our Part Too

Duke University Health System protects our patients, their loved ones, our staff, and our community by requiring that our employees and providers are vaccinated annually against the flu or are approved for a medical or religious exemption from vaccination. We are proud to report that the vaccination rate among our staff and providers exceeds 98 percent.

Learn More

View our Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Flu and Flu-Related Visitor Restrictions.

If you’re looking for more information, the Centers for Disease Control has a wealth of useful articles about flu prevention and symptoms.

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