Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 17, 2020

Phone Calls are an Answer to Helping Patients Arrive on Time

Martha Owen, an administrative assistant in the Cardiac Catherization Laboratory at Duke Raleigh Hospital is making sure patients can navigate their way through the campus’ growing construction and arrive on time. ​

Owen personally makes phone calls to every scheduled electrophysiology patient to talk them through all details of their upcoming appointment, including how to navigate the campus and find the lab amid the construction. 

It was a collaborative idea between Owen and management as patients navigate ever-changing campus construction. 

“Martha is the glue that keeps the cath lab together,” said James McCorry, RN, CNII, a clinical nurse in the lab. “She is progressive in her thoughts and actions and is always willing to help anyone she encounters.”

Owen makes the calls two days ahead of appointments. 

“I talk with them about their procedure, ask if they have any questions or concerns, and tell them where the parking garage is, which hospital entrance to use and how to find us.”

She also makes sure they know a transporter can assist them from the front entrance if they need help finding the department.

Since her efforts began, every patient she’s called has reached the lab without any trouble.

“My passion is helping people,” said Owen. “Many of these patients are scared and have never had a procedure like this. I enjoy speaking with them and answering any questions they have.”

She even gives patients her direct number so they can call her if they think of any additional questions later.

“People appreciate being communicated with on a personal level,” said Owen. “To our team, patients and visitors aren’t just names on a schedule—they are individuals who receive personal care.”

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