Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 30, 2020

Hospital Adds Family Messaging for Surgical Patients

Families of Duke Raleigh Hospital patients that undergo a surgical procedure can now receive updates on their care in real-time through our new family messaging program.

Patients can enroll in the family messaging program, which sends alerts via e-mail or SMS text, upon check in at the hospital.

Family members receive the below alerts to keep them up-to-date on their loved one’s care journey.

  • Arrived. The patient is in the registration area
  • In Pre-Op. The patient is being prepared for surgery
  • Procedure Start. The surgery is in progress
  • Recovery/Phase 1. The procedure is complete and the patient is in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit recovering
  • Patient Ready for Visitor. Please check in at the front desk to see your loved one

For those loved ones that may not be interested in the family messaging program, Duke Raleigh Hospital will continue to share information on our Same Day Surgery lobby monitor using your assigned case tracking number.

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