Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | April 11, 2020

Bringing Zen into the Workplace

When COVID-19 began stressing the global health care system, Amy Brown​, RN, ADN, CNOR, knew she had a practical way to help. The operating room nurse at Duke Raleigh Hospital has been meditating off and on since she was 12, and has led early morning meditation sessions at Duke Raleigh Hospital’s chapel since last fall.

As the pandemic continued its spread, she created a list of tips to help her colleagues find mental rest and relaxation.

“When I meditate, things just don’t bother me as much,” Brown said. “I don’t feel as anxious, and I have a sense of peace about what’s going on.”

Many others who have tried meditating find it helpful. “One of my colleagues said she felt like her whole being just sighed,” Brown said.

If you want to start a similar effort, either for a group or just yourself, it isn’t hard to get started. Find a quiet spot and begin to pay attention to your breath. It doesn’t have to take long; Brown’s group spends just 10-15 minutes. And there are many different approaches to meditation.

“A lot of people think it means you will be able to turn off your mind, so they get discouraged and stop,” Brown said. “But that’s not how it works. The thoughts will always be there. Just keep coming back to your breath.”

Additional resources for meditation:

  • Click here for a collection of free and publicly available meditations.

–By Heather Lowe

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