Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | June 23, 2020

Visitor Badges Extended Across Hospital

When visitors come to Duke Raleigh Hospital the afternoon of June 23 they will receive the above visitor badge.

Beginning at noon on Tuesday, June 23, visitors that accompany patients to the main Duke Raleigh Hospital building will be issued a badge.

Visitors of patients to the front entrance of our hospital will be assisted by a Duke Raleigh Hospital team member who will utilize an iPad to scan a visitor’s driver license to capture their name, or allow them to fill in the information themselves, to create a badge sticker. The badge will also include the room number of the patient the visitor is permitted to see.

When visitors leave the hospital building, they should remove their badge and give it to a Duke Raleigh Hospital team member at the front entrance. Visitors will be required to revisit the screening entrance at the front entrance of the main hospital for a new badge, should their visit extend longer than 24 hours.

This change allows our team members to better track visitors and patients in our care areas. A similar system has been used in the Duke Raleigh Hospital Emergency Department since November 2019.

Please review our present visitor policy in place across Duke Health hospitals and clinics.

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