Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | September 18, 2020

Wellness Mondays E-mails Keep Team Connected

Duke Raleigh Hospital Case Management team members pose for a photo pre-COVID-19.

Foods to boost your mood. Stretches to unwind before bed. And the benefits of a routine.

Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Department of Case Management needed to look no further than their inbox for tips on self-care during COVID-19. That’s because Case Manager Sufanna Bernarduci, LCSW, ACM-SW, created the Wellness Mondays initiative to connect her colleagues working onsite and from home.

“I wanted to introduce ways of finding balance, nourishing the soul and exhaling things that are out of our control,” said Bernarduci. “The Case Management team is the eyes and ears behind the scenes, making sure patients have a smooth transition for their discharge disposition or assistance with end-of-life decisions. It’s easy to feel burned out. I wanted us to be able to come together and cope in a healthy way.”

And Bernarduci looked for ways to support her coworkers’ physical and mental health. Physical Therapist Denise Gold provided ergonomic guidance for the home office and tips on stretching. Clinical Dietitian Caitlin Schryver shared what foods to eat before bed to support a good night’s sleep. And Case Management Utilization Manager Kenya Lofton, BSN, RN, attended a diversity training and offered opportunities for her colleagues to learn more through Ted Talks, a podcast and an implicit bias test.

“Wellness Mondays is such a thoughtful and creative idea to remind us to take a moment for ourselves,” Lofton said.

Lofton was one of the many team members who submitted a picture for inclusion in a photo montage Bernarduci produced and set to music. It gave the group a chance to celebrate milestones from weddings to graduations and share their journeys since COVID-19 has separated their department with some team members working remotely since March while the Inpatient Case Management team continues to work on the front line.

“I’m grateful for Sufanna for recognizing this tough time and how we need to take care of each other,” said Case Management Director Karen Preston, MHA, BSN, RN, ACM-RN. “Supporting team members is one of Sufanna’s gifts. She lives Duke’s values.”​

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