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“The Chandelier 2” by Sangsun Bae

“The Chandelier 2” by Sangsun Bae is on display in Duke Raleigh Hospital’s South Pavilion.

Duke Raleigh Hospital aspires to improve health and inspire patients and their loved ones by integrating the arts into your healing.

It’s because we believe that access to the arts is essential to the health and well-being of our patients, their loved ones, and each other that we display works of art from artists throughout our buildings. We invite you to meet some of the artists that have pieces in our hospital and learn about the inspiration for their art and the work they do.

Sangsun Bae

Hanging in the main lobby of Duke Raleigh Hospital’s South Pavilion is “The Chandelier 2”, a face-mounted archival pigment print framed in black wood by Sangsun Bae, 50, of South Korea. Below, you can find more from Sangsun about her inspiration and this piece.

Describe the inspiration for your art?    

“I’ve always been interested in relationships between people, and the bonds we share with others as individuals and communities. Knots and threads are rich metaphors for these kinds of connections. For this new series of works I combined fine silk threads from historical companies in Kyoto and Seoul to create a delicate collection of elegantly entangled knots, which I decided to call chandeliers.”

What is unique about who you are and the work you do?           

“I was born and raised in South Korea, but for almost two decades now I have lived, studied and worked as an artist in Kyoto, Japan. This has given me a unique understanding of the deep and complex history between these two countries, which I feel we can all learn a great deal from. As the world becomes increasingly connected, it’s important to seek out those things that we share in common, things that unite us, and to listen to each other’s stories and imagine the world from each other’s point of view.”

What does it mean for you to know that your art will play a role in healing for members of our community?

“It means a great deal to me to hear that my work is now part of the collection at Duke Raleigh Hospital, and that it would be on display for patients and visitors to see. Healing has become such an important part of my practice as an artist, for individuals as well as groups and societies. I hope that my work might start conversations about the intimate bonds that exist between us, and perhaps give people a chance to pause and consider the colourful and fragile web of connections that we share with one another.”

Sangsun Bae in her studio.

You can learn more about some of the other inspiring pieces of art throughout Duke Raleigh Hospital on our YouTube channel.

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