Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | February 4, 2019

Sharing Songs and Ideas has Units Dancing on Air

After receiving a perfect score from a Joint Commission audit this fall, Christina Daniels Dickerson, CRST, knew exactly what helped lead to the rating for Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Sterile Processing unit.

Dancing “the wobble.”

“Sometimes you have a stressful moment and you might take a moment to dance,” said Daniels Dickerson, a sterile processing technician IV. “Some people know how to do it, some might need help, but we relax then get back to work.”

It’s a small thing among many which Daniels Dickerson believes has built stronger connections for teamwork and ownership in all she and her colleagues do. “It’s like a breath of fresh air,” added Penny Stephens, CRST, also a sterile processing technician IV.

The duo said by celebrating the goals of 1 Duke Periop like respect, teamwork and ownership, communication among coworkers is stronger than ever. It shows up in daily huddles and before surgical cases. Teammates listen to each other and accept a diverse range of ideas and opinions to care for patients better.

“I can see that we’ve grown closer as a team,” Daniels Dickerson said. “We appreciate our jobs and each other a little more each day knowing we all have each other’s backs.”

Stephens said it comes from a place of seeing coworkers as family.

“Being respectful and friendly toward each other is what makes the day a success,” she said.

Especially if there’s some dancing involved.

Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | February 4, 2019

Awards Honor Duke Raleigh Nurses’ Commitment to Care

Nursing staff at Duke Raleigh Hospital were honored at a ceremony Thursday for their commitment to giving exceptional care.

Two nurses, Sara Rayner, RN, and Jonathan McGee, RN, were honored with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing, an international program that rewards and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

“This is a special honor recognizing the skill our nurses have at touching the lives of patients and their loved ones,” said Priscilla Ramseur, Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Chief Nursing & Patient Care Services Officer. “Whether it is providing a listening ear during someone’s deepest hour to simply helping a patient drink some morning coffee, the nurses recognized this quarter have a gift for understanding how to positively affect patient well-being.”

By her nominators, Rayner was called a “bright light” during the night shift who not only took time to explain medications and troubleshoot side effects for one patient, but went so far as to bring a handmade hat to provide some extra comfort.

“Duke is so fortunate to have Sara represent their hospital. She is definitely a shooting star,” the nominator wrote.

Jonathan McGee also went above and beyond—even asking to stay on shift longer to see to patient, according to his nominator.

“In my experience with hospitals, doctors, and nurses, I can honestly say I’ve never been so impressed with a nurse as I was with Jonathan,” his nominator wrote. “The mere way in which he handled himself in the presence of other doctors and surgeons was comforting and utterly impressive! Duke Raleigh is lucky to have a young man of his caliber; he is truly a nurse extraordinaire!”

A third Duke Raleigh staff member, LaShana Whitfield, was presented with the Caring Award honoring nursing assistants. Her nominator called out the kindness, compassion, and loving care she provided as reasons to recognize her outstanding service.

In addition to these honorees, several nurses from Duke Raleigh were nominated for the awards and recognized with certificates and pins at the ceremony. They include:

Bonnie Tinsley Jazmin Crider Marina Maddox
Penny Blackledge Kate Smith Jules Mueller
Lakisha Vines Mary Ann Bierman Kyle Rotondo
Corabeth Smith Rajaa Johnson-Benbrik Miranda Galde
Annie Stackhouse Jed Gudzinas Lori McLeod
Joanne Rubio Jorge Silveira Jr. Veronica Lommatzsch
Courtnee Jones Marcela Bright Kelly Suggs
Cheryl Clark Jazmyne Wall Sandy Miley
Rose Lane Ethel Houston Le Trinh
Kai Holloway Alysa Weymuth Tyler Williams
Jackie Whitaker Fatima Sillah Sydney Cowart
Emily Siver Donte Saucillo Julie Lihvarcik
Amanda Mason Tiffany Brown Tess Aldridge
Nancy Sosa Chris McDowell Dame Baluyos
Sarah Albrecht Alketa Stephens Nancy Garcia
Mary Kate Flynn Kyle Brown Melody Scrudato
Kandace Summerlin Loan Nguyen Britany Valencia


Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 29, 2019

Caring for Each Other

Our lives are multi-faceted. Although our work is important, many other things outside of work give our lives meaning and purpose.

The right balance of work duties, hobbies, and family can positively affect a person’s overall quality of life. Members of our Duke Raleigh Hospital team find unique ways to decrease their work-related stresses and increase productivity and motivation at work.

Learn Holly Bradicich uses nightly family walks, Sylvia McCauley writes and produces music, and Jason Leymeister gives back to others to recharge.

Holly Bradicich, Manager of Service Excellence and Volunteer Services

For Holly Bradicich, nightly walks with her family are the ultimate stress reliever.

“I mentally allow the stress of the day to melt away during the walks,” said Bradicich.

The walks—a four-year family tradition that started after her oldest daughter was born—are a time for Bradicich, her husband, and two young daughters to reflect on their day and anything exciting coming up.

“It helps me to practice mindfulness, and truly get a breath of fresh air after being inside all day,” she said. “I like to make mental notes of how the sun feels, how beautiful the sky is, and reflect on our blessings.”

Weather does not stop her family from practicing their activity to unwind. Walks take place despite hurricanes and snowstorms.

“One evening we went walking right before a summer rain shower moved in,” she said. “As we finished our walk it started pouring rain. Our oldest ran out into the rain and was soaking wet but she was having the greatest time. Next thing I know, our walk turned into dancing and playing in the rain!”

Sylvia McCauley, RN, BSN, MHA, CNML, Manager Ambulatory Surgery

Sylvia McCauley has a passion not only for writing music, but for singing. She uses this gift to help her relax after a long day.

“All day I have the stress of having someone’s life in my hands. Music is my creative, fun outlet,” said McCauley. “It completely calms me and gives me inspiration.”

A member of her church choir, McCauley says her love of writing music only started about two years ago.

“I just decided one day that if I am writing it and it touches me,” she said, “maybe this music will touch someone else too.”

Already, her hobby is starting to blossom. She’s presently recording a single she wrote called “Penetrate” with HandyRec Studios that’s due out this summer. The inspirational song focuses on letting God know how love affects her and features McCauley playing the piano.

Jason Leymeister, MS, RRA, RT(R), Interventional Radiology Supervisor

Giving back through an organization with a history of helping to better the community is how Jason Leymeister relieves work stresses.

“I receive my inner peace by giving back through charity,” said Leymeister, a Master Mason with the Masonic Lodge of Cary who helps to organize the group’s annual charity golf tournament. “I have organized the golf tournament over the past two years that benefits the Oxford Home for Children. Masons have funded this home for over 150 years and wish to continue for many more to come.”

Leymeister says this charity work centers him.

“It helps remind me that no matter how bad a day I am having there are always others in more need or distress,” he said. “It also reminds me to maintain a healthy balance between my work and personal life, so that one never overshadows the other.”

Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 24, 2019

Security Guard Goes the Extra Mile to Help Patient, Caregiver

Carlton Gaylor, a Duke Raleigh Hospital security officer, was awarded a certificate of appreciation for exemplary performance from U.S. Security Associates this month. The honor recognizes his efforts to go above and beyond to help the caregiver of a patient admitted to Duke Raleigh.

“Carlton helped this caregiver fix their car not once but twice while at Duke Raleigh,” said Jacob Smith, Security Operations Manager at Duke Raleigh Hospital and Gaylor’s supervisor. “He even went so far as to take their car to a local shop to get a new battery.”

During a small ceremony at the hospital, administration recognized Gaylor with the plaque—noting that in this instance he was more than a security officer, he was a great human being.

“I’m extremely proud of Carlton,” said Doug Monroe, System Security Director for Duke University Health System, U.S. Security Associates, Inc. “He really lived Duke University Health System’s values of caring and excellence in providing this exceptional service!”

Posted by: Duke Raleigh Hospital | January 23, 2019

Suite Move for Thoracic Oncology Next Month

Beginning Feb. 18, the Duke Cancer Center Raleigh’s Thoracic Oncology unit will move from suite 303 to suite 201 in its existing location, 3404 Wake Forest Road.
This move will affect services of:

  • Hematology Oncology
    Jennifer Garst, MD
    Marvaretta Stevenson, MD
  • Thoracic Surgery
    David White, MD
    Katie Gills, PA
    Roshni Patel, PA
  • Interventional Pulmonology
    Coral Giovacchini, MD
  • Smoking Cessation
    Kristina Tourville, PA
    Megan Keith, LCSW

Patients being seen for these services at this location should now go to the second floor of this building, rather than the third. Phone numbers for these providers will remain the same. You may reach the main office at 919.862.5400.

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